Here are a few testimonials from some of our students that attended the Webinar Certification Courses. These are their comments. The only changes we made, was to remove their names for privacy reasons.

Hope you’re doing well!. I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully completed the security exam and was successful. This letter is for thanking continous training solution with your services and classes offered.

– Hari K.

I hope this message finds you well. I would simply like to take the opportunity in thanking you and Johnathan for an amazing online course.

– Christian C

I did my PI training with CTS in early 2013 and it was fantastic! I aced my exam in October 2013 and I started a few months back with one of the larger investigative firms in Canada. I’ve just registered for the Loss Prevention sessions and I’m looking forward to them too.

– D H

I passed! I would like to give a special thanks to Jonathan and the entire CTS Team for their help, guidance, reassurance and sound professionalism. Jonathan (the instructor) always found the time to answer my phone calls and go through all my questions thoroughly.

– Ryan M

I am one of the candidates that just finished the last course.I want to use this opportunity to thank the Staff and Management of Continuous Training Solution for the training i got on Private Investigation. I sat for my test today 07/27/2011 and passed very well above the the cut-off mark. I thank you all especially the Instructor. God Bless you all.

– D C

Hi Yvette,

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the first Webinar program. I was a little intimidated when I registered for this program because I was always accustomed to an in class setting and didn’t know what to expect. I find the online program allows you to be more focused on the topic without distractions around.

Looking forward to the second Webinar tonight.

– R and the team at Continuous Training Solutions, is a great organization, comprising some of the industries, top instructors and representatives. I will admit that I was hesitant at first, about taking the Security Guard Course, online, seeing as I’m typically more of a “hands on” learner. However through the thorough attention that the instructor and the team at were able to put into this course made it relatively easy to relate my personal experiences (which are limited). Webinars are a pretty awesome set up, considering that I got to take my class from home, while eating my dinner and lounging around, and even the odd time, as my lessons were later in the evening I may have also had a sip of a nice cold beer, I mean the luxury, I got to sit at home, learn at my own pace, and didn’t have to sweat in a hot crowded classroom somewhere, far away from my home, spending way too much money on hotels for a week, never mind the cost of transportation to the training centre location, and the hassles of all that goes along with taking a course in an unfamiliar area. I recommend this to anyone that lives in a location, City or Town, that doesn’t offer hands on training; or anyone that might be unable to otherwise participate in the course due to other reasons. Overall the Security Guard course, offered by the team at Continuous Training Solutions, and was a great way for me to obtain the knowledge needed to successfully complete my Security Guard test and will land myself a career in the field I have been pursuing, Law and Security.

– M, North Bay

I found the online program to be very easy to use and the recordings so I can review were very helpful. Please let me know when the Private Investigator one starts ”

– L

Your teacher John is good. He really knows what he is talking about and I found him funny and informative.

– S

Hi Yvette, I hope you’re fine. Just wanted to let you know that I have passed the Ministry’s test for the Security Guard’s license. Thanks to you for all your help. The teaching material and the webinar presentations were very helpful. Will now apply for the license.

Thanks again,

– R

Hi Yvette, I passed!!!!!! First time!!!! Jon the instructor was great and your e-learning material was a big help. You made it easy.

– A

I just wanted to say that the online course last night was very informative and well done.

– SM